The Future of Growth: Explanation of the Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving field where the only constant is change. As we head towards 2022, it’s critical that we, as marketers and business owners, keep up with the newest industry trends. We may change our marketing strategy in this way, embracing tomorrow’s innovations and methods while phasing out the duds.

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Here are the top digital marketing predictions for 2022, with a focus on new marketing channels that we believe will be around for a long time.

Chatbots That Are More Advanced.

Chatbots will become increasingly valuable as artificial intelligence (AI) technology advances, as both customer service and marketing channels. For many audiences in the past, chatbots were irritating, inauthentic, and disruptive. Chatbots are becoming better at providing helpful solutions suited to users’ individual needs as AI and machine learning improve.

According to Facebook data, 56 percent of buyers would prefer to send an instant message than phone a customer service line. If your clients can’t get a timely solution to their question about your product or service, they’re more likely to bounce rather than call you. A chatbot is the most effective approach to provide fast responses to prospects and customers, helping you to close purchases that would otherwise be lost.

Snippets Of Interest

The pole position on a search results page has been the primary goal of SEO in the past. It’s even more critical these days to get the featured snippet (or “position zero”).

The highlighted snippet is a section of text that appears in a distinct box at the top of Google’s organic results and is usually no more than a couple of visual lines long. Try these strategies to achieve a coveted featured snippet position:

  • Directly respond to the searcher’s query (less than 75 words).
  • Include the answer right at the beginning of the article.
  • In the body text and one subheading, ask the searcher’s inquiry.
  • Use the rest of the article to expand on your answer.
  • When substantiating your statements, use credible sources.

Social Media Posts That Can Be Purchased

Despite the fact that shoppable posts are still relatively new on Instagram, they’ve already shown to be very effective at driving conversions. According to the most recent Instagram data, 130 million people tap on shoppable ads each month. 

If you’re in the e-commerce business, you’d be negligent if you didn’t take advantage of shoppable advertisements, which provide a practically seamless shopping experience.

Optimize Your Website For Voice Search.

According to a recent Search Engine Watch poll, 27% of global internet users use voice search on mobile devices. We may expect this number to climb in the coming years as more families adopt IoT devices like smart speakers and personal assistants.

The outcomes of voice-activated SEO and normal SEO are not the same. Focus on ranking for long-tail keywords (less than four words in length), use FAQ sections, and make sure you’re doing correct on-page SEO optimization for mobile devices to optimize for voice-activated SEO.

PPC Is Better Than SEO And Earned Media.

An ad blocker was installed on one-quarter of internet users’ browsers in 2019. This figure is predicted to increase by at least 3.3 percent by 2022. Despite the fact that this is a very minor increase, ad-blocker usage is on the rise.

As a result, forward-thinking marketers and business owners should think about shifting part of their efforts away from PPC and toward SEO operations. Although PPC isn’t going away, in the coming years, fewer and fewer internet users will be able to see your advertising, thus it’s best to invest in organic digital marketing channels instead.

Marketing That Is Both Inclusive And Equitable.

This one stands out among the others. While 2020 was a year of societal upheaval, we believe 2022 will usher in positive systemic reforms. Marginalized social groups have advocated for more representation and inclusion in the previous year, and we should do everything we can to meet their needs this year.

Aside from politics, identity is more significant now than it has been in the past. People are very concerned about their identity being recognised and portrayed. Specific content and advertisements that appeal to ethnic or racial minorities, women, and LGBTQ+ populations should be included by marketers and business owners.

Create A Marketing Strategy That Is Future-Proof.

Digital marketing is one of the few businesses that changes as quickly as it does. What was fashionable only a few years ago is now considered obsolete (remember when autoplay videos were the norm?). As a result, as a marketer, you must always be thinking ahead. That’s why, in the coming year, you can’t afford to overlook these new digital marketing channels.

2022 will usher in voice SEO, intelligent chatbots, and one-click shoppable advertisements. Furthermore, 42% of ethnic minority buyers said they’d switch to a retailer that values diversity and inclusion. In terms of SEO, featured snippets have the highest click-through rates by far (26 percent click-through rate on average).

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