Largest Countries in the World 2022 | Most Populous Countries List

Largest Countries in the World (by area)

Area kmĀ²2,000,000 kmĀ²4,000,000 kmĀ²6,000,000 kmĀ²8,000,000 kmĀ²10,000,000 kmĀ²12,000,000 kmĀ²14,000,000 kmĀ²16,000,000 kmĀ²18,000,000 kmĀ²

The largest country in the world isĀ RussiaĀ with a total area of 17,098,242Ā KmĀ²Ā (6,601,665 miĀ²) and a land area ofĀ 16,376,870 KmĀ²Ā (6,323,142 miĀ²), equivalent toĀ 11% of the total world’s landmassĀ of 148,940,000 KmĀ² (57,510,000 square miles).

For some countries, the difference between these two measurements is significant. For example:

CountryLand Area (kmĀ²)Total Area (kmĀ²)
United States9,147,4209,831,510

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List of countries (and dependencies) ranked by area

Total Area =Ā land areaĀ +Ā water bodiesĀ (lakes, reservoirs, and rivers)
KmĀ² = square kilometers | miĀ² = square miles

#CountryTot. Area
Tot. Area
Land Area
Land Area
% of world
1Russia17,098,2426,601,66516,376,8706,323,14211.0 %
2Canada9,984,6703,855,1019,093,5103,511,0226.1 %
3China9,706,9613,747,8779,388,2113,624,8076.3 %
4United States9,372,6103,618,7839,147,4203,531,8376.1 %
5Brazil8,515,7673,287,9558,358,1403,227,0955.6 %
6Australia7,692,0242,969,9067,682,3002,966,1515.2 %
7India3,287,5901,269,3452,973,1901,147,9552.0 %
8Argentina2,780,4001,073,5182,736,6901,056,6411.8 %
9Kazakhstan2,724,9001,052,0892,699,7001,042,3601.8 %
10Algeria2,381,741919,5952,381,740919,5951.6 %
11DR Congo2,344,858905,3542,267,050875,3131.5 %
12Greenland2,166,086836,330410,450158,4760.3 %
13Saudi Arabia2,149,690830,0002,149,690830,0001.4 %
14Mexico1,964,375758,4491,943,950750,5631.3 %
15Indonesia1,904,569735,3581,811,570699,4511.2 %
16Sudan1,886,068728,2151,765,048681,4891.2 %
17Libya1,759,540679,3621,759,540679,3621.2 %
18Iran1,648,195636,3711,628,550628,7861.1 %
19Mongolia1,564,110603,9061,553,560599,8331.0 %
20Peru1,285,216496,2241,280,000494,2110.9 %
21Chad1,284,000495,7551,259,200486,1800.8 %
22Niger1,267,000489,1911,266,700489,0750.9 %
23Angola1,246,700481,3531,246,700481,3530.8 %
24Mali1,240,192478,8411,220,190471,1180.8 %
25South Africa1,221,037471,4451,213,090468,3760.8 %
26Colombia1,141,748440,8311,109,500428,3800.7 %
27Ethiopia1,104,300426,3721,000,000386,1020.7 %
28Bolivia1,098,581424,1641,083,300418,2640.7 %
29Mauritania1,030,700397,9551,030,700397,9550.7 %
30Egypt1,002,450387,048995,450384,3450.7 %
31Tanzania945,087364,900885,800342,0090.6 %
32Nigeria923,768356,669910,770351,6500.6 %
33Venezuela916,445353,841882,050340,5610.6 %
34Pakistan881,912340,508770,880297,6380.5 %
35Namibia825,615318,772823,290317,8740.6 %
36Mozambique801,590309,496786,380303,6230.5 %
37Turkey783,562302,535769,630297,1560.5 %
38Chile756,102291,932743,532287,0790.5 %
39Zambia752,612290,585743,390287,0240.5 %
40Myanmar676,578261,228653,290252,2370.4 %
41Afghanistan652,230251,827652,860252,0710.4 %
42Somalia637,657246,201627,340242,2170.4 %
43Central African Republic622,984240,535622,980240,5340.4 %
44South Sudan619,745239,285610,952235,8900.4 %
45Ukraine603,500233,013579,320223,6770.4 %
46Madagascar587,041226,658581,795224,6320.4 %
47Botswana582,000224,711566,730218,8160.4 %
48Kenya580,367224,081569,140219,7460.4 %
49France551,695213,011547,557211,4130.4 %
50Yemen527,968203,850527,970203,8500.4 %

Not surprisingly, the largest country in the world is Russia, which spans a vast 17,098,250 kmĀ² acrossĀ Eastern EuropeĀ andĀ Asia. This is followed by Canada (9,879,750 kmĀ²) and its aforementioned two million lakes. The country ranked third changes depending upon the source of the comparison. Encyclopedia Britannica gives the third slot to China (9,600,013 kmĀ²) and places the United States in fourth. However, other sources, such as the United Nations and the CIA World Factbook, display a larger area for the U.S. and rank it above China.

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