How to Sell Ayurvedic Products in USA from India?

Ayurveda is a traditional system of medicine that makes application of herbs, plants and micronutrients to improve physical and emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Ayurveda has been the most popular method of treatment in India since the beginning of time. The latest research in medical science is better than conventional medication even when the time it takes to experience the effects. The West is slowly awakening to the incredible advantages of Ayurveda.

According to a study by the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2007, at the very least, 100,000 US adults have used ayurvedic medicines alongside chiropractic and acupuncture healing methods. The interest in ayurvedic medicine has proliferated since the emergence of Yoga.

Turmeric is one of the main ingredients of Ayurveda was the main ingredient in Ayurveda, and it made sales of $80 million in 2011. Since then, the popularity has proliferated.

The majority of users of Ayurvedic-related products across the US are women. Women who are educat and between 35 and 55 are turning to the natural method for healing and medical treatment. Due to the increase in lifestyle-related illnesses, many search for holistic, long-term alternatives to traditional medicine.

Research studies that examined the advantages of these medicines were not readily available in the beginning. In the present, more and more research studies are being conduct which have confirmed the benefits of Ayurvedic remedies. Ayurveda is beneficial in treating arthritis, diabetes as well as inflammations, cancers and even Alzheimers.

Process of selling products from India in the USA

Ayurvedic remedies are complex to market within the USA. Even though they are exempt from FDA rules, discretion is recommend when purchasing Ayurvedic medicines as supplements. But, if you do it the proper manner, Ayurvedic medicines have a massive market growing each year. Awareness of health issues and issues with lifestyle results in a significant amount of people turning to Ayurvedic treatments.

Let’s discover how to market Ayurvedic items. Here’s everything you must do to export Ayurvedic medicine to India in the USA:

1. Business plan

You could sell the Ayurvedic items in the USA via an online e-commerce website or at a retail store. Decide which is the best option for you. After that, you can set up an actual retail store or, for online sales, the backend distribution centre. Then, you can begin selling the items.

  • Establish a registered company or a firm that has all the legalities well-sorted.
  • Request a GST number.
  • Make an inventory for the Ayurvedic products you intend to market.
  • Ayurvedic products must be register with either the Drug Department for pharmaceutical products or the Ayush Department for Ayurvedic preparations.
  • Find the most reliable wholesale sellers to buy Ayurvedic items from.
  • Contact the Pharmaceutical Promotion Council for more information on export rules.

2. Licenses are required

  • Ayurvedic remedies do not require any prescriptions or permits related to drugs.
  • FSSAI Registration is mandatory when foods are being use.
  • Additionally, you will need to obtain the Import-Export code and sale certificate to export your medicine into the USA. This IEC code is essential for establishing an.

3. Distribution and storage

  • Make sure you have a clean and safe place to store your products and manage the transport and storage.
  • Make use of this B2B portal to search for foreign and domestic agents and consumers.
  • Sign a contract with the agents, and create an ongoing channel for exporting goods to India into the USA.

4. Export set-up

  • When you’ve obtained your IEC Code and the foreign agent that you can export, you will need to meet the requirements for an inspection or certificate.
  • There are three kinds of inspection consignments: system-level and dossier. Each of these must be complet before you begin shipping your products to the USA.
  • For exporters as well, it is essential to obtain the HS number of the product that is being export.
  • ITC code to sell Ayurvedic products as defined in chapter 2 of the Indian Tariff regulations.

5. Marketing

  • Create traditional channels as well as online channels to promote the product.
  • Develop a complete marketing plan to reach out to potential customers to ensure a consistent distribution and sales channel is creat.
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6. Margins of profit and other variables

  • Based on the kind of product you want to market, the price may differ. There isn’t a standard cost for Ayurvedic products in all. Thus, the investment costs and, consequently, the returns can vary. One of the most important factors in ensuring success is setting the right price for your products. With proper Pricing Research, you can establish the foundation for your pricing decisions using appropriate research techniques and surveys.
  • Profit margins for export businesses can range from 50 to 150%, based on the type of product you intend to market.
  • Patanjali, Boutique, Ayurveda, Dabur are the big players in the market of ayurvedic supplements. They claim that the bulk of their earnings come from exports.


Ayurveda is a lifetime commitment to a holistic healing method and is the complete opposite of the way OTC medicine works. The practice of incorporating Ayurveda into our daily lives is similar to learning an entirely new language, comparable to Yoga. Although it’s slow, however, the benefits are numerous. The West has seen several benefits of Ayurveda over recent years.

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