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4 Things I Do to Keep Our Grocery Budget at $200 a Month

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Think it’s impossible to feed your family on a grocery budget — toiletries and cleaning supplies included — of just $200 a month? Think again! Here are some tips on how you and your family can significantly cut your spending.

When we were first married, it was five years ago. We had just $1,000 in cash in our accounts. It was a tight budget, but we wanted to find a way to make ends meet. At this time, my partner suggested that we have a household/groceries budget of around 100 dollars per month. I was hesitant and said it was unattainable.

Sinika has 200 e / month to live on - it works when I have to: “My biggest fun is shrinking the water bill”

i was not opposed to being thrifty; however, I did not think I would enjoy eating sandwich sandwiches every day! In addition, I felt like I was trying my best to make smart purchases even though our food expenses were around $200 a month. That’s just for groceries. The toiletries and household goods were purchased from a different budget category.

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It wasn’t until nearly one year after that I was introduced to the world of coupons that I began to make sure we kept our shopping budget as low as possible. It was then an activity or a test. Then I realized I was creative; I could cut our grocery expenses by a significant amount $200 a month.

It took a little time and learning, but ultimately my husband was impressed by the improvement in our spending (and most likely in my mindset as well!). In truth, I was also amazed. I had spent less on groceries, toiletries and household products than I did previously on just groceries.

How to live $200 a month

Here are a few of the things that I’ve learned that have helped keep our grocery/household/toiletries budget at $200 a month for a family of four. (Just for the sake of reference, our family is comprised of 2 adults that are big eaters, a three 1/2 year. The old boy who has an appetite that is as large as mine, and a seven month. old baby girl, who at present is only breastfed.)

Choose to do Without

Although deciding not to do it is not a popular choice or even enjoyable, It is, in reality, one of the most effective ways to save money.

The methods we don’t need are:

  • My husband eats sandwiches for his lunch every day when he goes to work. However, he’s insisted that he doesn’t require both types of meat and cheese, and so on the majority of days, he eats sandwiches of lettuce and meat. He doesn’t care about having a sandwich, and the savings from not buying all that cheese can make the difference.
  • When it comes to cheese, we rarely consume cheese by itself. I use it when cooking, but it is not often used for eating as a snack or as an aside. What is it that we don’t like about cheese? We all are a fan of cheese! It’s just an item we’ve chosen to make an option to keep our expenses at a minimum.
  • Orange juice is an expensive product that I only buy when I can get it at $0.99 at the most. Everyone loves orange juice; however, it’s not something we have to purchase, and we can eat fruit and consume the recommended amount less expensive.
  • We don’t spend a lot of money on snacks. (Talk about a quick way to boost the cost of your groceries!) There aren’t many snacks, and when we do, it tends to be more akin to fruits, raisins, nuts, and homemade snacks, such as energy balls and healthy Fudge. I still occasionally purchase crackers and chips if I can find them at an affordable price; however, they’re not items that we keep in our pantry.
  • We take several steps to cut costs on meat. One of the best ways to can do this is simply by not purchasing expensive cuts. In reality, I have an upper limit of $2.00/lb. For all meats (and in reality, for cheese too), that means that we aren’t very likely to eat things such as steaks, bacon, or bacon. However, we haven’t been ill so far, and I believe we have a wide choice.

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One of the advantages, when you decide to cut back on certain things, is that you begin to appreciate the things you possess even more. Since our typical sandwiches comprise only lettuce and meat and cheese, a sandwich made with some meat and cheese is a true pleasure, and we love it a lot. I think that cutting out the meat can help us appreciate the small things in life more deeply.

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Don’t Be Brand Snobs.

As I began to use coupons, I realized that I could make significant savings when willing to try brands I wouldn’t normally buy. You don’t need to be exceptionally smart to know that your favourite brand of spaghetti sauce costs $0.99 at the time of sale; it is possible to get a different brand for $0.50 with a coupon that will save you an enormous amount! There are a few products I’m an avid brand fan of, but in the end, I’ll buy everything I can at the lowest cost of money.

Cook From Scratch

I lived in a house where my mom cooked a lot by hand, so I was accustomed to this. It’s a good thing that I like the cooking process and bakes. However, it was practical to purchase pre-packaged items to speed up the process. It didn’t take long for me to realize that it was a convenient method of wasting cash.

Cooking from scratch requires a bit longer, but I’ve found that it’s relatively quick with a little planning ahead. I do to help reduce time is to cook huge quantities of chicken and ground beef and then store them in the freezer in portions. So, whenever I need one pound of ground beef or two cups of chicken to make the recipe, I’m able to save the effort of cooking it all up.

I often make two recipes of the same dish and then store the other half. Making more than twice the amount of something isn’t much more time, and when I’m having an uncharacteristically busy day, it’s a great convenience to be able to take dinner from my freezer. I also apply the same principle to baked items such as bread, rolls, and biscuits, cookies, and cookies.

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Have a Price List

It may seem ridiculous, but it can assist. In keeping an eye on which stores have the lowest prices on specific items, I’ve been in a position to save money. It also lets me determine what a great purchase price is. Maintaining a price list is just a little time as well, yet it pays dividends.

Naturally, grocery budgets can vary significantly and not every one of us can afford only $200 a month. What I’m doing to cut costs may not be a good fit for you and could frustrate you. However, I’m sure that we all have ways to reduce our grocery budget.

I urge you to push yourself to think of ways to cut even just $10 off your monthly grocery budget. Be inventive! Explore the possibilities. It’s likely to be simpler than you believe!

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Lydia Beiler loves sharing easy recipes, money-saving tips and inspiration for homemaking on her blog, the Thrifty Frugal Mom. She and her husband are blessed with four incredible, and at times challenging, children that keep them entertained and provide them with many fun, wild moments.

They love the excitement of living in the big city of Philadelphia, and they are currently spending a lot of time working on the old house the family calls home.

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