How I’ve Lived On An $800 Monthly Budget In City

Before I begin talking about my two times as an uber-beggared grad pupil and tell you my secrets, I want to first say-for you brassbound economical folk, I ‚Äôm not awaiting this to be base breaking stuff, I know you ‚Äôve heard this before or do it yourself. My point in telling this isn’t to wow you with new economical hacks, but illuminate what‚Äôs possible- especially if you ‚Äôre holding back on a dream because you ‚Äôre ‚Äú too beggared.‚ÄĚ

Secondly, I want to say that while economy did help me live on$ 800 of income a month, luck and savings were necessary to get me through, I ’m not perfect and life does n’t hear to budgets. There were months where my exigency fund (that I had saved by working all through undergrad & during summers) was necessary to cover all of my bills. I wish I could say I was perfect each and every month-but I had months where I failed-this is why I ’m a huge exponent of saving while you can to make an exigency fund.

Eventually, while I did take out pupil loans ( only to cover sky-high education) my thing was to stay consumer debt free and not take out any redundant loans or credit cards to pay for food, fun or rent. Of course, my situation and therefore, my tactics, aren’t applicable to everyone, nor would I anticipate them to be.

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I was a single lady with only one fur- baby (a deliverance fighter) who lived in a a major megacity with public conveyance. Obviously, it wo n’t work for everyone (heck it no longer works for me as I live in a small city now) but maybe some of these tips would be helpful for you!

One of the biggest¬†rainspouts¬†on a¬†veritably¬†small¬†budget¬†is when we¬†tell¬†ourselves what we ‚Äú¬†need‚ÄĚ to¬†have¬†without¬†realizing¬†the¬†accumulating¬†costs. Some of my¬†musketeers¬†ended¬†up with$ 10k in consumer¬†debt¬†after graduating because they ‚Äú¬†demanded‚ÄĚ their own¬†space-¬†so¬†they¬†also¬†‚Äú¬†demanded‚ÄĚ to¬†fully¬†furnish¬†that¬†space. I¬†had¬†two roomies, no¬†door¬†to my bedroom (a¬†curtain, y‚Äô all!), no dishwasher & I¬†had¬†to¬†use¬†a laundromat a¬†many¬†blocks¬†over..

I¬†did¬†however,¬†get¬†to¬†live¬†within¬†walking¬†distance¬†of¬†lot¬†for¬†about$ 350 a month with¬†serviceability. Yes,$ 350 a month¬†aggregate. My two¬†times¬†in Chicago¬†wasn’t¬†glamorous¬†but I¬†was¬†suitable¬†to graduate without¬†credit¬†card¬†debt¬†and heck, with a¬†many¬†ridiculous¬†stories.

Would I recommend everyone strip down to perkless living? Well, if you have to, you have to. Utmost of the time, especially if you ’re youthful and studying, you can live off lower than you suppose. One of the easiest cutbacks is simply to find a cheaper apartment, or partake one with roomies indeed for just a time.

At the time I lived in Chicago as a mongrel pupil, I asked to use my pupil reduction everyplace I went. Before I bought anything locally or ahead I made a big- ticket purchase on tech widgets or contracts, I checked to see if I could get a reduction. 

Doing so got me blinked entertainment tickets, auto insurance, a reduction on my cellphone bill and my MacBook Pro (ahem, not in my$ 800 a month budget, thanks!) was much cheaper! Also, there were several cases where my university tried to charge me for effects I did n’t use or need-like access to the health center. I queried this with the Bursar’s office and saved nearly$ 1000 a time since I was still covered (sort of) by my stepfather. Several times, I had to call my phone provider

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