How to Design a Custom Retail Box?

Packaging is the first thing that people see, and it can make or break a sale. There are many different types of retail packaging, but one that is becoming increasingly popular in recent years is custom retail boxes. The retail packaging design should not be taken lightly; there are many things to keep in mind when designing your own custom boxes. Follow these tips for success!

In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of retail packaging in the retail industry. We will also provide some tips that you need to keep in mind while designing a custom retail box for your products. Let’s get started!

Why Retail Packaging Matters in the Retail Industry?

It should come as no surprise that in the retail industry, there are a variety of operations ongoing at all times. It’s likely that many business owners are skeptical about the options available to them that they get confused about what to do. It is also not uncommon for them to wonder “why not try these out” or “why not follow the path others have taken?” etc. To streamline operations and enhance business insight, they need to be distinguished from their competitors. What better way to do this than to focus on providing the best packaging for the products?

Retailers know that a sale can be easily broken by poor retail packaging. In other words, the retail industry is flooded with products and your product will not stand out if you do not have unique and appealing packaging. You need to create an image for yourself in order to earn customers’ trust; without it, they will turn somewhere else where they feel confident about their purchase.

Moreover, these boxes also play a vital role in the success of the business. They can attract more customers and enhance your sales by a large margin. If you want to know how then keep reading this blog post till the end as I am going to explain it in detail for you:

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Retail packaging is directly associated with brand promotion. The design of retail boxes helps build your business image. It makes people familiar with your company’s name and logo which attracts them towards purchasing that particular product from you only.

Another important factor that affects branding is environmental marketing. You should understand the psychology behind packaging; when something comes nicely packaged, individuals feel happy unlike if there is nothing but just a plain simple box or bag without any stickers on it! If they are not satisfied with the look of your retail boxes, they might not buy any of the products that you offer. For example, if your firm focuses on sustainable branding, you could be inspired to build a package that is compatible with your product by looking at biodegradable packaging trends. If consumers adore your packaging, you’ll have more than enough sales in a single day.

The retail box design is a combination of creativity and marketing strategy; it’s all about how to make something unique and attractive at the same time so that consumers can take note of what you are selling. For example: If there are lots of different types of candies in a jar or container then each candy has its own separate space without touching one another which makes them look good altogether as well. In this way, we call it eye-catching packaging because everyone wants their product to stand out from others! Packaging companies like Epic Packaging are experts at making your product boxes stand out, making them good enough for delivery and marketing.

A creative individual should focus on designing custom retail boxes for better sales results. The key objective is to maintain uniformity within the brand by using the best quality packages for your business promotion.

How to Design a Custom Retail Box?

There are several things that you need to consider while making premium quality packaging boxes for your products. Some of those are:

  • Focus On Delivering Your Brand Story
  • Be Consistent with Your Packaging Theme
  • Choose Persuasive Color Themes

Focus On Delivering Your Brand Story

You need to focus on delivering your brand story in the retail packaging boxes. In other words, custom retail design should meet its goal of enhancing customer experience!

It provides you with an emotional linkage with the customers that helps you to expand your business in the long run.

Be Consistent with Your Packaging Theme

While designing a custom retail package you have to be consistent with the theme that is already built for your product line. Such decisions help achieve uniformity within all products while maintaining branding consistency across multiple channels (website & stores).

If done correctly it will both increase sales and enhance consumer trust. Brand awareness has always been important but now more than ever consumers are seeking out brands that they can connect with emotionally as well as physically through their favourite retailers or online shops. To make an emotional connection companies must deliver memorable experiences at every touch to their package. It will help to emotionally attach the customers to your brand.

Choose Persuasive Color Themes

Colour is one of those things that can influence any buying decision very quickly. In fact, According to research conduct by John Hauser at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) found that people were able to make snap judgments on products base on colour alone 90% of the time. So choose persuasive colour themes for your custom retail boxes.


Colours affect our emotions, feelings, moods, and thoughts; they have different meanings in every culture around the world; therefore it is always better to use appealing colour themes for your custom retail box designs. Make sure that whatever theme you choose must be able to emotionally connect with customers otherwise it can hurt brand image as well as sales volumes too quickly.

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Using consistent colour schemes and themes for your custom retail packaging boxes will help you to make a long-term impression. For example, if you are selling cosmetics products online then using a consistent colour theme on every product package of the range can be helpful in building trust and loyalty among customers over time.


Using diverse colour schemes is always beneficial as different colours mean something different; therefore it helps brands to show creativity and uniqueness at the same time while designing custom retail boxes. However, use too many colours or contrast ones with similar shades hardly ever work for any business brand because that means extra investment which most small businesses cannot afford easily unless they have already made a name in the market by offering exceptional services & products consistently across all industry verticals.

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