Business ideas in India for Beginners

Business Ideas for Beginners

Are you looking to get into the business world for the first time? If so, here are Business Ideas for beginners is possible too. For beginners, starting a business can be difficult. Beginning entrepreneurs are often unaware of the legal, financial, managerial, and other aspects of starting a business. For a start-up business, they always seek advice from experts.

Low investment is a great way to start a business and protect yourself from financial risks. These are the best business ideas for Indian beginners these business ideas are easy to start. These business ideas require little investment and are simple to start.

List of Best Business ideas for Indian Beginners


You will need a smaller setup and less investment to start a small digital marketing agency or advertising agency. Advertising agencies are responsible for creating, planning, and managing the advertising and promotional requirements of clients. The agency must arrange the placement of the advertisement on a fee basis. An advertisement agency is a great business idea for beginners in India.

Courier or Delivery Services

The next business idea is delivery service or courier. A courier company’s job is to deliver items on time to the destination. This business idea will require an investment of between 1 Lakh and 5 Lakh. To get start, you can tie up with a reputable courier company.

Home Cleaning

One of the easiest business ideas for beginners is home cleaning. This business idea requires you to sign a contract for house cleaning and hire staff. This idea requires people management skills.


Part-time blogging is a low-risk, easy-to-implement business idea that requires little investment. Only technical knowledge is required to communicate your ideas. Direct advertising on your blog can make you a lot of cash.


This business is for you if you’re good at taking photos. This business can be started with a simple camera and a few contacts. Your creativity and ability to achieve the desired results are key factors in this business’ success.

Tuition Class

For beginners, tuition class is a great business idea. You can start this business from your home and invest little or nothing. To start your own tuition school, you must be able to teach and learn.


If you are good at something which others need, then you can provide these services to earn some hefty remuneration in return. The majority of projects that are accepted by freelancers involve information technology or work online. They are offer work on a variety of sites that offer freelance work.

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Child Care services

Child care services are the next business idea for beginners. These services are very popular in a city. This business requires a place to set up and toys. This is a great business idea for beginners.

Errand Services

A business can also start that provides errands such as paying bills, getting groceries or dry cleaning. These types of services are need in today’s hectic life.

Hobby Class

You can make your hobby a profitable business venture. Start your own hobby group. It is possible to find people who are skill in different skills, such as drawing or stitching. Before you start this business.

Assembling Computers and Laptops

Assembled Desktop and Laptop shop has very good demand in every place, especially for the students, because assembled PCs are cheap and customizable. If you have a little bit of knowledge of Computer hardware or assembling computer parts, then it can be a great business idea for beginners. You may assemble motherboard, hard disk, graphics card, etc directly from big dealers and sell a complete PC for your local customers. Moreover, you can earn some extra income by installing various software or games for your customers.

Customer Service Point (CSP).

Customer Service Point (CSP), one of the most lucrative business ideas, can earn you up to Rs.1.00 lacs per month if your work is hard. You can become a Business Correspondent (BC) for any Bank and start your CSP from your own home. You only need an internet connection and a laptop to become a CSP at any Bank.

CSP is a type of commission-based work. If you’re staying in a small village or town in India, you can make a great deal from this business idea.

Alternatively, you can register for the Pay nearby retailer and provide Digital Banking services beyond the banking hours. Pay nearby works similarly to CSP where you can earn commission-based income.

Online Customer Service Centre

Everything can be done online today, from hotel booking to paying your electricity bill. You only need a computer or laptop and an internet connection to create an online customer service center if you are familiar with computers and the internet.

Many Indians don’t know how to pay their bills online, or how to submit an online job application. They can be help by you offering online services, which will bring in a good income.

IRCTC Agent or Travel Agent

India’s growing industry is the travel industry. You could be a travel agent and arrange for travel programs and tours for your customers. Affiliate partner for a big online travel company like MakeMyTrip or Goibibo and earn a commission from them. You can also become an IRCTC official Booking agent and receive a commission for Rail Ticket Booking.

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