Blink Mini Camera Solid Red Light: What It Means & How to Fix it?

Blink Mini Camera is the world’s smallest wireless security camera. In addition, this camera uses clever motion-detection technology to start recording when there is unusual motion in front of it. Besides, it takes 8-megapixel photos and records MPEG-4 video at 720p.

However, Blink Mini smart security camera is also very easy to install. All you have to do is connect it to the power outlet and it will set itself to the time using a built-in clock. It has a range of up to 500 feet. This camera comes with remote control, an 8 GB micro SD card, and a platform that you can use to stand the camera up or keep it flat. It also has interchangeable stickers.

Furthermore, the Blink Mini WiFi security camera records everything it sees and you can use an Android or iPhone app to view the footage or upload it to a cloud service. The best thing about the camera is that it’s motion-activated, so it doesn’t waste battery life recording hours of useless footage. The Blink Mini Camera Setup via the Blink app is soo simple and fast. Additionally, it also has a private mode that ensures only people you designate can access the footage.

LED On Blink Cameras: What It Means And How To Turn It Off

What does Blink Mini Camera Solid Red Light?

When the Blink camera is not connected to the internet, a red light appears. The red light shows throughout the camera setup procedure as well. The red light should be replaced with a flashing green and a solid blue light after the connection is complete.

If the red light remains steady, use a thin item to push the reset using a sharp instrument such as a pin or thumb. Then wait for the red light to change to the flickering green and steady blue pattern.

What are the reasons Blink Mini Camera Solid Red Light?

Here are the reasons Blink Mini Camera Solid Red Light.

  • Blinking problems might also be caused by faulty batteries. If your Blink camera’s batteries die, the red light will signal the problem.
  • The red light will begin to blink during the initial setup of your Blink camera, but it should stop after a short amount of time.
  • A problem with your camera’s internet connection will be highlighted by a red flashing light. 
  • Finally, a hardware fault with your camera, in general, may cause the LED to flicker.
  • Maybe the blink camera firmware is out-of-date.

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How to fix Blink Mini Camera Solid Red Light?

Here are some solutions to resolve the Blink wireless security camera red light error.

1. Ensure the internet connection

When you try to set up the blink outside camera, it continually flashes a red light. This sign indicates that the device is not connected to the internet. As a result, you should first check your connection. Furthermore, you confirm that the Wi-Fi connection is adequate for your device. 

Our outside blink camera, on the other hand, occasionally disconnects. Keep the gadget closer to your WiFi router in this situation.

2. Put fresh batteries

Assume you connect the blinking camera to a suitable Wi-Fi router. Now it begins recording until the blue light goes out and the flashing red light appears. This flashing signifies that the barriers are short on energy or have died. You now understand the true origin of this distinct red light pattern.

Now, the blink Mini cameras work well with AA Lithium batteries.

Bring new batteries with you when you install the camera. Make a note of the lifespan of your batteries.

3. Verify the Blink Mini camera setting

 Because of motion detection, your blink camera may occasionally flash a red LED light. Most of the time, this flashing is blue, although a few cameras also feature red. This indication may be turned on or off in the camera settings. Some users turn off this light, making the gadget invisible to others.

Go to the rear of your camera to turn it off. You see “REC LED” near the serial number, with two settings, “ON/OFF.” Bring a tweezer and toggle it ON/OFF.

4. Ensure motion detection working 

It is uncommon, although most users experience it. Your blink camera may occasionally fail to detect motion and display Red LED flashing. If you watch such type of behavior, immediately call specialists.

5. Reset Blink Mini security camera

To reset a Blink wireless camera, press the reset button on the module’s side until the light on the module goes red; this resets the Blink camera system and needs installing the module in the Blink app to use the camera again.

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