Apply For Mastercard Foundation Scholarship, University of Cape Town South Africa

The Mastercard Foundation in partnership with the University of Cape Town (UCT), has rolled out scholarship program titled; “The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program” at the University of Cape Town.

The aim of the Program is to transition successful students from beneficiaries to benefactors, preparing them with the necessary values, knowledge, skills, and leadership to fuel economic and social progress across Africa.

The Program targets academically qualified undergraduate and postgraduate candidates who are economically disadvantaged young people with leadership potential from Africa. The program will, also provide scholarships to academically talented young Africans to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies at UCT.

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In 2022, 27 scholarship opportunities – Masters by Research only are available for students who intend to commence with their first year of registration for full-time postgraduate Masters by Research studies.

To be eligible to apply for The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Cape Town, applicants must meet the stated criteria as recorded in the Terms of Reference and Conditions of Award document for Masters by Research applicants.


International applicants who receive an offer of admission to UCT are required to obtain a study visa to enter the Republic of South Africa and for purposes of registering at UCT. To apply for a study visa, applicants will need the following:

  • An official passport which must be valid for at least 30 days after the end of the proposed stay in South Africa, otherwise the permit will only be granted for the period of up to 30 days before the expiry date. It should also have at least one unused page left when arriving in South Africa. Passports should not be endorsed or extended;
  • A Department of Home Affairs application form (BI-1738);
  • An official letter from UCT confirming acceptance at the institution for the duration of the course. This is a letter from the relevant faculty offering a place to
  • In the event of persons under the age of 21, UCT will appoint guardian’s and proof of consent in liaison with the parents of such applicants;
  • A police clearance certificate (less than 6 months old);
  • A medical and radiological reports (less than 6 months old);
  • A relevant certificate if married, widowed, divorced or separated;
  • A yellow fever vaccination certificate if travelling from or through yellow fever endemic area;
  • Proof of medical cover (which will be arranged by The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program staff members at UCT for successful applicants);
  • Proof of accommodation (which will be arranged by The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program staff members at UCT for successful scholarship applicants).
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover tuition fees, maintenance and incidental costs (this will be confirmed in the letter of award to successful scholarship applicants).

The onus is on visa applicants to check with the South African embassy or High Commission that these are the only requirements for the application as the relevant authorities have the discretion to ask for additional documents.

For more information on the South African High Commission or embassy located nearest to you please access: (

How To Apply

  • In order to apply for The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, applicants must first apply to the University of Cape Town for academic study and placement.
  • Only applicants, who have applied for academic study and placement to UCT, can submit an application for a Mastercard Foundation scholarship.

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